Frequently Asked Questions

What is Snowball?

Snowball is an private membership community designed for the savvy and spirited among us. We’re all about fostering a vibrant peer network of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial-minded folks who are on a mission to seek out the good life. A quality life filled with good health, and abundant wealth from both active and passive income streams.

Our community members share insights and discussions on a wide range of topics: building wealth, well-being and fitness, productivity, investing, family, location-independence, entrepreneurship, networking, Ai, travel, and personal growth.

Our discussed asset classes are frequently a little more unique, including micro private equity, search funds, DeFi, private credit, businesses for sale, and more.

Think of Snowball members as your trusty companions offering collective wisdom and problem solving, and invaluable personal connections.

How do I apply and what is the vetting process?

Simply fill out the application form here. If you’ve been referred by another member, please make sure you let us know.

From the application, Geoff will reach out to set up a time to chat and learn a bit more about you, or we’ll email you instructions on how to get started.

What are the requirements for Snowball membership?

While there are no official minimum requirements to join, those who will benefit most from the community are:

  1. Entrepreneurs-turned-investors

  2. Founders (possibly with a past exit)

  3. Have multiple income streams

  4. Active self-managed investors

  5. Those drawn to more alternative asset classes (ie, real estate, acquisitions, Ai, search funds)

  6. Possibly location independent

  7. Committed to building real wealth rather than becoming rich

  8. Committed to living a high-quality, healthy, and productive life

  9. Willing to share their expertise, knowledge and help others in the community grow

  10. Willing to learn, understand, ask questions, and take constructive criticism

TLDR; This is not a group for beginners. Also, no douchebags allowed.

How much does a Snowball membership cost?

The current membership rate is $300 per quarter. It will likely move up soon, but all members are grandfathered in at original rates.

Who is already in Snowball?

Snowball’s current members are founders, builders, entrepreneurs, and investors. Many have had meaningful exits, have multiple active and passive income streams, invest in multiple businesses, and have inclinations towards alternative asset classes.

We have members representing many countries around the globe. About half of our current members are North American, however, many are expats residing internationally. UK, Australia, India, and some EU countries are also well represented.

What’s included in my Snowball membership?

  1. Access to an active and engaged digital community of entrepreneurs and founders who have all achieved some level of success. It’s a place to learn, connect, share, and support.

  2. Deal Flow. A weekly curated list of deals in real estate, SaaS, content sites, Ecommerce businesses, funds, PE, SMBs, and Startups.

  3. Access to offers. Give and receive offers from members in the community. Every member is well versed in something, and has something to offer. Every member also has a lot to learn. Each member will offer one or two things to the community, so each member can take any member up on an offer (or two. or more).

  4. Education from expert guests. Our Fireside Chat series brings in guests regularly in virtual meetings. All members are encouraged to join the call and participate in live discussions if they can. Of course, recordings are always available to members. These are dynamite.

  5. Access to a database of vendors, suppliers, contractors, and other support tried and tested by the community.

What are Snowball’s core values?

Snowball’s core values are the foundation of our community and guide everything we do. They include:

1. Deep Experience: Leverage the extensive experience of community members to provide practical, effective guidance for navigating the road to the best life possible.

2. Connections and Collective Wisdom: Through genuine connections and conversations, our members support and learn from one another.

3. Inspire, Support, and Empower: Snowball is a source of inspiration and empowerment, providing the tools and advice you need to take control of your wealth and personal growth.

4. Anti-Hype Transparency: We cut through the BS and hype of vanilla investment advice, providing transparent and ethical insights for a clearer understanding of investing dynamics.

5. Holistic Success: At Snowball, success is about more than just wealth. We are committed to promoting personal growth, health, and strong relationships, helping our members build a healthy and wealthy life.

Join the Club, Grow, Snowball